I’m a creative and young Architect with several years of international experience. We offer unique design solutions to meet client’s expectations. The main theme in our projects is “a human being”. The Human is treated as a scale module for all creation – “Man the measure of all”. My approach is dedicated to understanding the sociological aspect of human needs. The second foundation in the design process is to have respect for cultural heritage in the broader context. A synergy of three factors is: stability, utility and beauty (Vitruvius), they are characteristics for a sublime masterpiece; therefore a lasting legacy is where functionality meets art.



I am focusing on both new builds and renovation of existing buildings. My firm is set up to deal with town-planning and study projects, including co-ordination of multi-role investments. We assure a comprehensive service of the investment process. The scope of my services includes spatial analysis, conceptual and construction design, finishes and building supervision.

We are a multi-disciplined practice that can deal within various sectors