Country house in Surrey 3


St Martha’s hill is on the Northern edge of Chilworth, less than 1Km away and forms the South Eastern edge of Guildford some 2.5Km in the opposite direction. Country house in Surrey 3 sits within the Green belt and is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (“AONB”) and an Area of Great Landscape Value (“AGLV”).
The architecture of the vicinity is varied but mostly of a vernacular style, typical of this part of mid-West Surrey. Such a vernacular is typified by the use of Bargate Stone, handmade bricks and tiles, halftimbering and small pane and leaded light windows: These traditional materials hold great appeal.

Design Proposal

Our proposal was to create a home which will secure the future of this currently vulnerable property and breathe some much needed life into it. It is now Grade II listed. The proposal is for three additional structures which will represent an increase of 38.7% in space over the existing buildings. This figure is based on external wall areas.
This proposal looks to restore these buildings to their former glory and to create a new brighter future for St Martha's Priory. To achieve this we have designed two light weight contemporary pavilions, one either side of the Lodge. The three thatched buildings and two glass pavilions have been separated by four glass links, which create pause points making a visible separation between the existing Lodge house, the Coach House and the new East Wing.
The lightweight pavilions and the glass links sit discretely behind existing cob walls mentioned in the Listing, such that they are invisible in the principal North elevation, which helps to maintain the original character. In this design the Lodge is bookended by the new thatched master bedroom suite to the East and the existing Coach House to the West. This provides a symmetry centered about the principle structure, the Lodge, and does not diminish from the character of the existing buildings or their surroundings.
The proposed contemporary pavilions do not distract from the character of the rural landscape by virtue of their subservience to the existing historic buildings.
The proposal is to create a series of buildings that sit subordinately alongside the Lodge, whilst maintaining a strong relationship with it and the Coach House. This will be achieved by reflecting the materials and details of both buildings and carefully contrasting it with more contemporary materials used in the two lightweight pavilions The extension has been separated by a glass link that makes a visible separation between the existing Lodge house and the new extension.

New extension 209m2
Total area of existing building 540m2



Investment name

St Martha's Priory


Halfpenny Lane


Stedman Blower Architects
Stephen Donkin
Karolina Szałankiewicz


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