Country house in Surrey 4 - garage


Country house is in Dippenhall is situated approx 2 miles west of Farnham Town Centre. It is on the border of two administrative districts namely, Waverley Borough Council and Hart District Council. It is 2 miles outside the Town Centre of Farnham.
The site itself comprises a detached two storey dwelling which is a Grade II Listed Building and ancillary outbuildings including a more modern detached oak framed garage. The site holds a southeast facing rear garden where beyond consists of open fields and one neighbouring property to the south of the site.
“Country house in Surrey 4 is a Grade II listed building registered first on the 29th December 1972.

Proposed Works

It is proposed to build a signature 4 bay garage connected to the existing Faulkner garage by way of a drive-through clock tower. In doing so, various ancillary domestic structures will be removed. The 1 metre overhang on the existing garage has been removed to allow the garage to be positioned closer to the host dwelling and to keep the ‘development’ closely related to the footprint of the built form on site.
The existing 2.5 bay garage, which is prominently located on the property boundary, closer to the road and therefore much more visible, is to be removed as well as the greenhouse and associated paraphernalia. With much of these scattered buildings removed, we feel the house and the wider site can support the 4 bay domestic garage as proposed. We also consider the proposed garage makes the visual approach to the house much cleaner.
In addition, it is proposed to build a new 2m high x 5m wide oak gates at the entrance, with a widened driveway necessitating the removal of a 22m wall. The new garage will be connected to the dwelling with a new oak pergola-walkway with flat lead roof.

Design Rationale

The approach in design we believe to be in keeping with Faulkner’s quirky approach to Overdeans and is designed to complement the host dwelling. This is going to be a signature building, traditionally built and finished but with an expressive and unique architectural form. We believe this will both contrast and relate with Faulkner’s Overdeans. The use of traditional materials is entirely consistent with its countryside location. The large roof structure with low eaves has been designed to celebrate the garage and modern day daily use of the car using a similar theatre to that of the main house in particular mimicking the en filade nature of Country house in Surrey 4 creating a processional route through the pergola and store room, under the clock tower into the garage.


The proposals improve the flow of traffic through and around the site with a lovely drive through clock tower connected to the existing ‘Falkner’ garage. There is no reduction in the amount of available parking on site.




United Kingdom


Stedman Blower Architects
Stephen Donkin
Karolina Szałankiewicz


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