The house is located on the sea off the coast of Shanghai. This is a conceptual design. Its character reflects the increasing social problem in eastern civilization. The process of urbanization and building vertically forces us to find new solutions. Building higher causes overcrowded of spaces. Lack of space is no longer a major problem; this only gives reason to develop newer and more efficient technologies. They determine the possibility of human exploitation, not only allowing us to climb into the sky, but also to acquire and domesticate previously uncharted areas. This allows the possibility of human settlement in the extreme conditions of nature. The concept of designing a contemporary lighthouse is primarily to indicate the direction of human development turning towards the dehumanization of society.

Project design

The house is a hi-tech design, with exposed lift shaft construction and three minimalist blocks piled one on another. The area of the house is very limited. Each level corresponds to a different area of the building. The first is the night zone; there are two bedrooms and a decent bathroom. Middle block serves as the "heart" of the house. There is a kitchen dining area. The top; the third floor is dedicated to the daily zone with a living room and a bathroom. The object of the structure is to allow the bottom blocks to be used as patio areas. The project used a lot of glass and vistas and by using sliding glass panels it is possible to integrate the inside to the outside spaces. The building is fully passive; energy is drawn from marine currents, tides and waves.

Conceptual design


East China Sea


Karolina Szałankiewicz


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