Cracow, NH Park - revitalization of the sport and recreation areas. Amphiteathre.


The purpose of the project is to revitalise the green areas in one of Cracow’s districts, Nowa Huta.

The plan is based on half a classic reinassence city. The streets radiate from a central node, Central Square. It was the place where all the principles of socialist realism constructions were incorporated. A characteristic composition feature is alignment, reference to the urban Baroque guidelines. The structure of the city is based on the concept of "neighborhood unit". The main square was the most important place in a socialist city because of the doctrine entrusted to public spaces which was a very important task. In these public spaces there were frequent demonstrations that were transformed by a collection of human beings to the monolith subordination to the party. Nowa Huta is the most green and populous quater of Cracow. Architects based the concept on Howard's Garden City.

Nowa Huta is mainly a residential quarter, but there is olso a lot of services and trade. Nowa Huta still suffers from a lack of social attraction, despite the relatively rich array of function. There is an insufficient number of entertaiment, cultural and sports facilities which will attract people and enrich their horizons and expectations. The historical urban layout attracts tourists who try to understand he communist regime and find answers to their questions.


1.Disorder area- The disparities terrain, lack of compositional and functional consistency.
2.Detached construction sites. A typical rural area, the proposed density of single-family buildings, change the character of the landscape from rural to residential.
3.Greenery buffers-Partially existing and in good condition. Suggested concentration.
4.Recreational area-The area with high potential, lack of consistency, required revitalization, merge all elements and open it to neighbouring areas.
5.Cultural and scientific site- diversity.
6.Nowa Huta Park- Uncultivated area. Rating very negative. Required to organise greenery and rearrange new public spaces.
7.Sport area- in very poor condition. Requires revitalization.

Design proposal - Amphitheater

Amphitheater and a school of artistic forms and facilities is located on Solidarność Avenue and Bulwarowa street, the southern part of allotments "Wanda".
The plot has a large number of reaching roads, scenic strings facing green areas of 'Nova Park'. The aim of the project was to activate this area, improve the quality of life, give the opportunity to develop the passion and leisure activities for residents and visitors.
The amphitheater is designed to generate cultural initiatives, collective various forms of artistic expression. The building is open to each side, has a lot of input which ia a result of the influx of population analysis, the intensity of its occurrence and directions of arrival. The object is an expression of modernity.
I was inspired by Vitruvius triad talking about timelessness facilities indicated three factors as function, form and construction in equal division. The form of the Amphitheatre was a result of my fascination of minimalism, cubism assumptions and technological capabilities.

Conceptual design

Project name

NH Park – revitalization of the sport and recreation areas. Amphiteathre


Nowa Huta


Karolina Szałankiewicz


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