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Sieniawa Palace was built and developed by two great families, the Sieniawscy and Czartoryski families who were magnates. The Sieniawa Palace is permanently etched into the history of our country.

The founder of the city was Mikołaj Hironim Sieniawski, a provincial governor who was the captain of the Volyn crown. He had huge estates in the eastern parts of the former Republic of Poland. His sizable wealth was achieved by the management and administration of the family’s estates. His son Adam Nicholas had the unique approach to the Sieniawa assets, which pushed him further into development and investment.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century the park was built and in 1718-1720 the orangery was design which contained a large variety of rare tropical trees. In later years the building has been called the Summer Palace. The designer was the famous architect Giovanni Spazzio in collaboration with the Sieniawski family. During the first half of the eighteenth century the large park complex was design. The whole establishment was maintained in the spirit of the times, wealth and status of the Sieniawski family.
After the marriage of Adam’s daughter, in 1731, to Prince August Aleksander Czartoryski, the Sieniawa Palace became the property of the Czartoryski family.

The palace was renovated and extended, in 1743-1745. The Summer Palace got new pavilions on either side and the construction was supervised by captain Hertwig. In the eighteenth century the palace underwent another reconstruction. Gisges was the architect responsible for the renovation of the interior. The Czartoryski family lived there almost continuously and the status of the palace grew steadily.

Numerous documents state that the palace was one of the first in the commonwealth. In the years 1812 Prince Adam Czartoryski and his wife Izabela Czartoryska permanently settled in the Palace of Siena. From that moment, the palace was the seat of the Czartoryski family. Another, more general reconstruction of the palace was made in 1881-1883. These renovations lent the Sieniawski Palace to receive the baroque style, decorated in the French manner.

Concept design

A SPA building was adopted from one of the objects in the Sieniawa Palace. For a long time the building was used for storage. The huge potential of this building was discovered by its owner then. I wanted to transform its function by bringing life into the building. A SPA was the perfect function for this building due to its convenient location. The building is located in a spacious park on the eastern part of the plot. It is located more peripherally than the rest of the objects which are located in moderate proximity to one another. This location gives it an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and intimacy. The adapted proposal of the building and the land adjacent lends to the needs of a SPA function. The building was in good condition however it required some restoration and reconfiguration. An existing object had a clear division of space into "boxes". They were semi-open areas adjacent to each other, which strongly affected the direction of concept design. The "boxes" were filled in with SPA treatment rooms. The semi-open structure was supplemented with solid walls or light glass panels. The SPA configuration is: a salt grotto, a bath room, water jets room, a gym, a relaxation area, sauna and bar. The adaptation of the attic significantly increased the usable space. An open multi-purpose space was created on the first level for yoga, meditation, relaxation and different kinds of therapy classes (aromatherapy, music therapy).




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